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Okay so, I have also received another e-mail from a woman at Optomen which is a TV production company. She would like me to write something about their up and coming show that is focused around psoriasis. They have mentioned that filming is to take place soon so anyone that would with to be a part of the show needs to contact them right away. 

A little bit about Optomen:

It is an “award-winning TV production company” who has made “high-profile programmes for both UK and US channels”. They have produced TV shows such as: Gordon Ramsay's Behind Bars (C4), Great British Menu (BBC) and Mary: Queen of Shops (BBC).

What Optomen had to say:

“Optomen TV are currently making a brand new health show for the Discovery Channel and we are keen to raise awareness of Psoriasis, in order for viewers to gain a clearer understanding of what it’s like to live with this condition. Our show will explore the symptoms associated with Psoriasis and how best to treat/manage it. 

We are reaching out to people with Psoriasis who would be comfortable taking about their condition on television. If anyone is interested, they should email us at with their name, location, contact email address and a brief description about themselves. As we are scheduled to film soon, we advise anyone interested to get in touch asap”

From me:

I am not entirely sure about specifics with this show but they summed it up pretty efficiently; it is a show that will be trying to raise awareness and understanding of psoriasis through people with the condition participating in the show and representing the psoriasis community.

I am a huge advocate for anything that is psoriasis related and hope that there are plenty of people out there who are willing to be a face for us all. It takes a lot of courage to talk about psoriasis and the way that it affects your life, so a big thank you to anyone who is strong enough to do so.

Contacting Optomen:

Email them at or  (I am not sure which so probably best to send an e-mail to the address and have a look on the website for other contact details if you don't hear anything in reply) with:
1.     Name
2.     Location
3.     Contact email address
4.     Brief description of yourself (I’m guessing age/type of psoriasis/profession/family details)

Other Optomen contact details:


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