Aveeno Cream; Product Review

Hey Psquad,

So one of the latest products that I have been using is the Aveeno Cream with Colloidal Oatmeal. It is for dry and sensitive skin (two words that scream the definition of psoriasis). It does say on the bottle "suitable for adults and babies from 3 months who may be prone to eczema"

Helloskin summarise the product;
This non-greasy cream from Aveeno, formulated with colloidal oatmeal, helps prevent water loss from your skin by rebuilding the skin’s natural barrier. Aveeno Moisturising Cream has a fast absorption time that makes it convenient for use during the day.

Aveeno Cream helps soothe and hydrate dry skin and is suitable for every part of the body. It contains refined oatmeal that is proven to rebuild the natural skin barrier and is free from parabens. The active colloidal oatmeal in Aveeno Moisturising Cream acts as a moisturiser for dry and sensitive skin with effect for 24 hours.

My routine;
Usually for these type of cream I will just use it all over twice a day; morning and evening.

I started off using it all over at night and then only on my body in the morning (makeup didn't sit well on top of it). It is a smooth cream to apply but I wasn't overly fond of the way the product felt once on my skin.

£9.45 for  500ml bottle (you can use my 10% discount code below)

10/10; Kind of sweet? I can't really place the smell but it is a subtle but nice one...

5/10; whilst I agree that it isn't "greasy" I found that it was weirdly sticky...kind of tacky to the touch even after it had been on for a while. You get used to it but it is weird at first. It does also feel that it sits on the skin and isn't absorbed very well.

10/10; great bottle, kinda big for travelling but you can lock the pump so it doesn't go everywhere.

Time Consumption;
6/10; I found the waiting for it to absorb was a little annoying when in a rush

In all honestly, I wasn't impressed with this product;
No real difference to my psoriasis after a good months use,
Did settle the flakes a little but not enough,
Pso patches still red and raised,
Tacky texture which I wasn't a fan of,
Sweet smell is nice however,

It may just be that this product is actually more suited to eczema or people with sensitive skin/dry skin, rather than someone with psoriasis.

One thing to note is that you may react to this product in a different way to me!!

A gift for you: 🎁
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Use the  discount code HELLOKARA at the checkout to get 10% off any product on their website!!!!

They have a beautiful website to help people find products that best suit them; to treat their skin condition. Their website it pretty ingenious as it takes you through questions before displaying the products, so that what you're looking at will help you the best. You can follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

As always, I love to know what people think, so get in touch and leave a comment with your views on ointments and/or the product in general.

Love and kisses,

**HelloSkin gifted me this product, for the purpose of a rewiew. My post are, and always will be, my personal opinion on products that I have tested; regardless of them being gifted or self-purchased. My blog is to honestly review products for the treatment of (my) psoriasis; my passion**


  1. Hannah Blanton29 Jul 2017, 08:50:00

    I have been a life long psoriasis patient. I stopped using all the drug treatments years ago and have tried many natural products, including my highly respected dermatologist's "magic herbal formula". By far, Dermalmd psoriasis serum has been the best of them all. In the first six weeks, I saw great results and things have continued to improve. I would recommend this serum.

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  3. I have had psoriasis for 3 years now, and recently tried Aloe Vera juice

    I drink it twice a day and combined with applying Aloe Vera gel on my skin and it has really helped a lot.

  4. Psoriasis is a common skin disorder that affects about 8% of the Indian population according to a hospital-based study. It develops when the immune system sends incorrect signals to skin cells, resulting in them growing too quickly – in days rather than weeks, making them present as painful and itchy scaly patches of piled-up cells.

    This disturbing chronic condition afflicts about a million Indians every year, reducing their self-confidence aside from being extremely irritating. It presents in different forms with the scaly chronic plaque being the commonest form. In some people it does go into remission but it’s hard to make it go away completely.

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  16. I’ve been using the Palmer’s Cocoa butter but the Dermalmd serum worked better. My sister got it for Christmas last year and gave me some to try. Much better results too

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