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Psoriasis and the Psun

I have read a comment from someone asking about psoriasis and the weather. So, I have looked into it and with my own experience this is what I know and believe….
My summary: Winter = bad Dry climate = bad Intense winds = bad Sun exposure (within common sense of about 30mins max a day and of course with sun block on) = good Moist climate = good To my knowledge those are the some of the main factors which can affect psoriasis suffers.
My personal opinion: I was born and grew up in England where it is pretty much cold all the time. Except for this freak year of course where it has been abnormally hot. My psoriasis was the worst when I was in my home country. The artic winds and cold dry temperatures really made my skin worse. I used to dread winter time as of course that would be the worst time for me. I was in moisturiser overload and at the height of my OCD with controlling my psoriasis I was steroid ointment crazy. (A “treatment” I have now completely stopped and fully despise)
However, I c…

Lancôme Hydra Zen Moisturiser.

I have tried a lot of moisturisers over the years and I don’t normally pick one thinking “oh this will make my psoriasis better” because I know that it is hit and miss. Something that works amazingly well for one person might make no difference to another.
Along the way I have had an “expensive” favourite though. It was a little tub of moisturiser I got free in a shopping centre and didn’t see the harm in giving it ago.
Info: Can buy in most places that stock Lancôme; there a different prices for different sizes. There are also day crèmes and night crèmes. I just used the one I was given at night and in the morning.
Price: £39 (sadly!)
The Review: It made such a huge difference to the psoriasis on my face (I only used it on my face as it was a miniscule pot). I used to put it on before I went to sleep at night and I would wake up feeling fresh face. Not the normal tight-skinned feeling you get if you use a rubbish moisturiser that doesn’t really work too well. In the morning after a…

"I may have psoriasis but it doesn't have me!"

I saw a comment today whilst I was scanning Twitter. It said “I may have psoriasis, but it doesn’t have me.” Couldn’t help but feel a bit emotionally attached to this comment. For so long you think that psoriasis is a deformation of your person and that you are restricted because you have it.
I recently went on holiday with some girls. One of which was my wonderful and supportive sister, and two of which had no idea I had psoriasis. Nice enough girls, they just didn’t know anything about my condition. Why would they!
So I’m living in Thailand now, which is a pretty hot place. Still wear long sleeves and just suffer in silence, unless there is air conditioning then there is no problem!
The point – we went on holiday for a long weekend and it was by the beach and we were doing tourist things…basically it wasn’t really appropriate to wear a cardigan and leggings under a waterfall. So, it came down to the fact that I had to wear a swimming costume…the biggest no no for me. I wanted to have…