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Review; Sanex AtopiCare Moisturiser

Hey Psquad, 
How is everyone?!
The latest product that I have tried is: Sanex AtopiCare:

I became interested in trying this product when I saw it on the TV...I was like 'oooooo...I wonder how that'll work with my psoriasis', and off I marched to the shop to buy some. 
I currently use Sanex Dermo Hypo-Allergenic as my body wash, so thought it'd be a good addition of product for me to try! Whilst I use the body wash...I really wasn't aware of the skin moisturising range that they did. I was torn between two moisturisers and stood in the shop for a good 10mins debating which one I was going to actually use. In the end this product won because;
"For extra dry, reactive, even atopic skin. Control skin hypersensitivity. Fights severe dryness. Soothes itchiness" < ticks quite a lot of boxes for what I want in a moisturiser. 
Product Info; I bought my bottles from Wilkinson, they're usually £6.00 per 400ml bottle but I bought mine when they were on offer for £3.0…