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"Life is a gift"

I received an e-mail from a fellow psoriasis sufferer asking me to post about her own unique journey to battle their psoriasis. So, of course with huge interest I delved into reading their report. It is a wonderful report to read, it is based entirely on their own route to owning their psoriasis and not getting beaten by it.
Bring back natural balance Firstly, they talk about their trip to Cuba where they noticed the difference in their psoriasis, not unlike the Mexico trip that I had where I noticed a huge difference in my skin. However, this didn’t last long and sure enough psoriasis crept back into their life.
In the beginning report it talks about trying to recreate the climate which improved their psoriasis; the use of tanning beds and having salt baths. But, they quickly realised that these weren’t comfortable or sensible options. They realised that combatting psoriasis is about the way you treat your skin; inside and out. Therefore they devised a plan of action. That plan of ac…