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Vaseline Review (petroleum jelly product)

Hey there beautiful people,
It has been a while since I have written a post.  I have been a bit here and there in my life, moving countries and what not. Sadly the last thing that I was able to keep up with was my blog. However, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been thinking of stuff that I need to write about.
I have recently moved from a tropical, humid country back to England…a cold, dry country. Whilst it has been a struggle to adjust, the hardest and most stressful part has been trying to deal with my psoriasis flare up.
What have I been doing you ask? Well, I have been spending a lot of time inside (not specifically because of my psoriasis – just because I am home for the holidays) without makeup on and constantly treating my psoriasis. I like to not wear makeup as much as possible as I am pretty sure the makeup I use doesn’t help my psoriasis what so ever (I am not very makeup knowledgeable soooooo have used the same stuff since I was about 15!)  but this is something that …

Guest Post - Sausage Tree Products

Hi my name is Marcie, I suffered from psoriasis for about 10 years starting at the age of 16 and on into my mid-twenties.  It was painful and itchy but worse than that; it caused me social anxiety and unhappiness.  Psoriasis was preventing me from living the life I wanted to live.  It’s something you have to be tough to deal with or you become tough. 
I spent a lot of those years learning about psoriasis; its causes and treatments and also how your diet, lifestyle and exercise can help.  By 2008 my psoriasis was in remission and I was back to living the life I wanted to live.  Instrumental in my recovery was of course diet (paleo, probiotics), getting regular exercise, good sleep and trial and error with topical treatments.
One topical treatment in particular that helped me was Sausage Tree Cream.  Its key ingredient comes from a special plant called the Sausage Tree which is indigenous to Southern Africa.  I learned about the plant during a visit to South Africa, experienced its curat…

Think Twice Campaign

I received an email about a new website that had been created related to Psoriasis. Within that email was the information provided below. It summarises what the concept is behind the website and what their aims are. I have also looked into the site and will talk about it below the quoted text below. (It says in it “the website will launch tomorrow” – it has already launched) ________________ For the 1.8 million people known to have psoriasis in the UK lack of regular review highlighted by a recent survey could mean that serious comorbidities such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer are missed.
New survey data show that:
• 1/3 of psoriasis patients haven't had treatment reviewed in at least five years • 1/2 of psoriasis patients are on a repeat prescription • Almost 60% of psoriasis patients on a repeat prescription felt at a disadvantage  
Lack of regular review highlighted by survey could mean that serious comorbidities such as diabetes, heart disease, high bloo…

Psoriasis Linked to Beer Consumption; Gluten to Blame?

This is an article by a write at Chemist Direct. It talks about the possibility that there is a link between beer and psoriasis due to its gluten content. At the end of the article I will link to the study where the information was obtained from therefore allowing you to read it yourself. 
Psoriasis Linked to Beer Consumption; Gluten to Blame?
Research has shown that women who drink alcohol more often, particularly regular beer, appear to be at greater risk from the autoimmune skin disease psoriasis.
Psoriasis is skin disorder which affects around 3% of the population in the UK. It’s an immune condition where skin replacement speeds up causing raised ‘plaques’ which can be scaly, flaky and itchy with a darker skin tone. It affects both men and women equally and the severity of the condition differs from person to person. In many cases it can have an impact on sufferer’s lives both physically and mentally so finding ways to improve the condition or stop it from occurring is important to…

Poll = "Does psoriasis effect your self-confidence?"

Hello all you beauties! 
I have created another chart from the second poll that I had on my page. There were less votes for this one as I think that I had it on the page for less time overall. However, every single vote is important to me regardless of overall numbers. 
I hope that this gives you piece of mind, to know that there are others out there who think and feel exactly the same. 
I know that I am lacking in the confidence department, so don't feel disheartened that you are, most of us are! 
I do want to pay special note to those awesome people out there that voted "I honestly don't care what people think" - I hope to be in your category one day. I hope we all make it there :) 

Let me know if you have any ideas for poll questions. I have put the third one up now, so please go vote! :D

Poll = "What do you think is the worst thing related to having psoriasis?"

I am very excited for this; this is the data that was collected from the question poll on my page!

I hope these polls will highlight that the feelings associated with psoriasis and to show others outlooks on having the condition.

This is the data from the first poll:

I hope these polls will highlight that the feelings associated with psoriasis and to show others outlooks on having the condition. 
If you have any ideas for new poll questions;anything that you personally want to know or and questions you have, then comment below and I will create one. 

Best Psoriasis Blogs of 2014

I received a spot on Healthline’s list of the Best Psoriasis Blogs of 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This makes me so happy.
The list is brilliantly compromised and created with great care. I admire a lot of the other bloggers on the list and would like to share that with you today.
AND I want to share with you the badge that I received due to this great honour.
The list of bloggers:
Just a Girl With Spots:
Being Me In My Own Skin:
Dr. Tell me:
Serious About Psoriasis:
Psoriasis Psucks:
Jessica and Psoriasis:
The Itch to Beat Psoriasis:
My Skin and I:
Read them! All of us come from different walks of life and have all had our own unique experiences with psoriasis. What we write about…

Who is your Hero?! 2014 Health Hero Awards

I received an email asking me to spread the word about a very beautiful concept. 
It is called: 2014 Health Hero Awards.
This award aims to highlight those special people who put themselves second and someone else first. As the email stated “the heroes of healthcare”. I think that it is only available to residents in the UK. 
There are so many people out there who go above and beyond to ensure that someone knows they are loved at a time that they need it most. This award goes to show that special someone that their selfless act meant more to you than they probably know.
My Hero: I fell ill and was hospitalized when I was about 14. I remember my Mother would not leave my side – even when I had to go into the operating room she refused to leave until I was unconscious and even then I was told she kept talking to me. My entire family supported me through the situation but her especially. She cried with me and at times for me. She stayed awake with me. She talked to me and kept me calm. She …

Guest Post - Russell's Story

This is a beautifully written account by Russell. He took the time out to write about his experiences with psoriasis and has courageously let me share that story with you.

Russell's E-mail:
I tried most of the creams you have written about but nothing really worked for me. Things just got worse.
I did a great deal of research and found three things that have worked well to minimise the effects of Psoriasis. I developed it when I moved to a desert country, whether that was the trigger or not, I'm unsure.
The four things I tried were a healthy diet to detoxify, exposure to sunlight (UV), exercise to de-stress and a good cream regime.
I went on a strict four month detox diet. Within 3 weeks the small hard itchy areas that had started to develop receded back to normal skin conditions. I cut out sugar, processed foods, yeast, all oils (except small amounts of olive oil), cut down on red meat, no coffee, dairy products especially butter, cheese as well as margarine, bleached product…

TV Show - Optomen

Okay so, I have also received another e-mail from a woman at Optomen which is a TV production company. She would like me to write something about their up and coming show that is focused around psoriasis. They have mentioned that filming is to take place soon so anyone that would with to be a part of the show needs to contact them right away. 

A little bit about Optomen:
It is an “award-winning TV production company” who has made “high-profile programmes for both UK and US channels”. They have produced TV shows such as: Gordon Ramsay's Behind Bars (C4), Great British Menu (BBC) and Mary: Queen of Shops (BBC). 
What Optomen had to say:
“OptomenTV are currently making a brand new health show for the Discovery Channel and we are keen to raise awareness of Psoriasis, in order for viewers to gain a clearer understanding of what it’s like to live with this condition. Our show will explore the symptoms associated with Psoriasis and how best to treat/manage it.

We are reaching o…

Psoriasis YouTube Videos!

After I was contacted by Betty about their up and coming documentary, I wanted to take a look and see if there was anything else that had been on TV about psoriasis. So, I went to YouTube and had a look around. I simply searched “psoriasis” to see what would come up and there are a lot of videos! Some of them explain what psoriasis is and that is what I want to share today.
Below are a few videos that I think are pretty decent in explaining what psoriasis is, what the types of psoriasis are, causes and symptoms (including common things that can flare up or trigger psoriasis) plus diagnosis and treatment.
I just want to include these today because I had never (ever) looked on YouTube for videos related to psoriasis before. I can’t believe how informative they are!! I’ve learnt what I know about psoriasis from my Doctor(s) and constantly searching medical sites and reading psoriasis articles. So, this is just a different way of learning about it that I wanted to share with you and th…