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Guest Post - Russell's Story

This is a beautifully written account by Russell. He took the time out to write about his experiences with psoriasis and has courageously let me share that story with you.

Russell's E-mail:
I tried most of the creams you have written about but nothing really worked for me. Things just got worse.
I did a great deal of research and found three things that have worked well to minimise the effects of Psoriasis. I developed it when I moved to a desert country, whether that was the trigger or not, I'm unsure.
The four things I tried were a healthy diet to detoxify, exposure to sunlight (UV), exercise to de-stress and a good cream regime.
I went on a strict four month detox diet. Within 3 weeks the small hard itchy areas that had started to develop receded back to normal skin conditions. I cut out sugar, processed foods, yeast, all oils (except small amounts of olive oil), cut down on red meat, no coffee, dairy products especially butter, cheese as well as margarine, bleached product…