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Psoriasis and Diabetes?!

I was not really aware that psoriasis can 'increase' your chances of diabetes and heart attacks/strokes, but apparently it can! 
Whilst skimming the internet i came across this webpage "Psoriasis linked to Diabetes" and thought that i had better give it a read. It says that statistics show people with psoriasis can be 56% more likely to develop diabetes than those without it (and that varies on the severity of your psoriasis). I don't think that it is meant to imply that if you have psoriasis you will definitely get diabetes but it just implies that there is a connection between the two and advises people who psoriasis to get checked annually. 
I don't think that I have recently been checked for diabetes - so i think i might make an appointment just to be sure! Can't hurt can it. If you are like me and unaware that a connection between the two even existed, I'd suggest getting yourself booked in for a check up as its better to be safe than sorry!! 

Cutting out Pork and Red Meat

Background: I was advised by a family member who was looking into the causes of psoriasis that pork can cause the condition to flare up. I've not really thought massively about the way that psoriasis can be affected internally from the food and drink that i consume. Throughout the stages where my psoriasis has felt the worst, i was eating a lot of pork meals for dinner (pork belly/chops etc...) so i have decided to completely cut out pork and see if it makes my skin feel any better without changing my skin routine. 
The outcome: Well, i am pretty sure that i wont be choosing to eat pork for a long time!!  Since i haven't had pork my skin has actually improved a fair amount. In the areas that i didn't really have psoriasis before - that have recently come flared up for no reason - it has become a lot better without me actually changing anything that I've done to my moisturising routine.  I have never really been a massive fan of pork so cutting it out of my diet is not g…

Aveeno "Bath and Shower Oil" Review

Info: Stocked in: Boots, Superdrug, Lloyds Pharmacy, Pharmacy 2U and Ocado (this may alter dependant on where you are from)
Price: £8.19
The Review: I have been using Aveeno Bath and Shower Oil (with colloidal oatmeal) for little over a month now. It is not meant to be and doesn’t say anywhere that it is a cure for psoriasis but it does state that it “thoroughly cleanses, moisturises and conditions dry and sensitive skin” so I thought that it would be a good product to test.
I put it on when in the shower over my skin and let it soak in, or will put it in the bath. It is milky in colour and soft in texture. However, whilst it smells absolutely amazing and has a scent that lingers on your skin for the entire day, it does not do a lot in the way of helping my psoriasis. Saying this, it doesn’t hinder it either!! At around £8 a bottle, it is not something which I think I would buy again as it doesn’t work well to maintain my psoriasis and is pretty expensive…

So, whats next?

So my main goal of this blog was to share with other people who have psoriasis the treatments or store bought products that work well for me. I haven't blogged that much, or in fact at all, recently but i have been composing the reviews of the products that i have tried! 
I have decided to just basically say my thoughts on them and then review them on the criteria on a scale up to 10; 
Price - just to say whether i think that the price is worth the product
Smell - sometimes psoriasis products don't have a very nice smell to them which is off putting
Texture - just to describe what the product is actually like and whether it is pleasant to use
Packaging - sometimes its not nice to have products which look abnormal and have people question you on what exactly it is for when you really don't want to have to discuss it, therefore this section is for whether they are 'normal' looking
Time consumption - some products you have to leave on your skin or scal…