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Best Psoriasis Blogs of 2014

I received a spot on Healthline’s list of the Best Psoriasis Blogs of 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This makes me so happy.
The list is brilliantly compromised and created with great care. I admire a lot of the other bloggers on the list and would like to share that with you today.
AND I want to share with you the badge that I received due to this great honour.
The list of bloggers:
Just a Girl With Spots:
Being Me In My Own Skin:
Dr. Tell me:
Serious About Psoriasis:
Psoriasis Psucks:
Jessica and Psoriasis:
The Itch to Beat Psoriasis:
My Skin and I:
Read them! All of us come from different walks of life and have all had our own unique experiences with psoriasis. What we write about…

Who is your Hero?! 2014 Health Hero Awards

I received an email asking me to spread the word about a very beautiful concept. 
It is called: 2014 Health Hero Awards.
This award aims to highlight those special people who put themselves second and someone else first. As the email stated “the heroes of healthcare”. I think that it is only available to residents in the UK. 
There are so many people out there who go above and beyond to ensure that someone knows they are loved at a time that they need it most. This award goes to show that special someone that their selfless act meant more to you than they probably know.
My Hero: I fell ill and was hospitalized when I was about 14. I remember my Mother would not leave my side – even when I had to go into the operating room she refused to leave until I was unconscious and even then I was told she kept talking to me. My entire family supported me through the situation but her especially. She cried with me and at times for me. She stayed awake with me. She talked to me and kept me calm. She …