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TV Show - Optomen

Okay so, I have also received another e-mail from a woman at Optomen which is a TV production company. She would like me to write something about their up and coming show that is focused around psoriasis. They have mentioned that filming is to take place soon so anyone that would with to be a part of the show needs to contact them right away. 

A little bit about Optomen:
It is an “award-winning TV production company” who has made “high-profile programmes for both UK and US channels”. They have produced TV shows such as: Gordon Ramsay's Behind Bars (C4), Great British Menu (BBC) and Mary: Queen of Shops (BBC). 
What Optomen had to say:
“OptomenTV are currently making a brand new health show for the Discovery Channel and we are keen to raise awareness of Psoriasis, in order for viewers to gain a clearer understanding of what it’s like to live with this condition. Our show will explore the symptoms associated with Psoriasis and how best to treat/manage it.

We are reaching o…

Psoriasis YouTube Videos!

After I was contacted by Betty about their up and coming documentary, I wanted to take a look and see if there was anything else that had been on TV about psoriasis. So, I went to YouTube and had a look around. I simply searched “psoriasis” to see what would come up and there are a lot of videos! Some of them explain what psoriasis is and that is what I want to share today.
Below are a few videos that I think are pretty decent in explaining what psoriasis is, what the types of psoriasis are, causes and symptoms (including common things that can flare up or trigger psoriasis) plus diagnosis and treatment.
I just want to include these today because I had never (ever) looked on YouTube for videos related to psoriasis before. I can’t believe how informative they are!! I’ve learnt what I know about psoriasis from my Doctor(s) and constantly searching medical sites and reading psoriasis articles. So, this is just a different way of learning about it that I wanted to share with you and th…

TV Documentary - Betty

Hello all,
I have been contacted by Betty who is a company that produces “high quality factual television.” ( Let me tell you why :)

What did they contact about?
They are creating a new documentary that is being made and broadcasted in the UK (therefore only people actually within the UK can be a part of the documentary). Their inspiration for this programme is “to raise awareness about psoriasis and other conditions by following people as they try to regain confidence and try to find love.”
This, to me, sounds like a very helpful documentary for those who have psoriasis. It will bring to light the fact that we are not alone and that the problems that we face daily – others also face! Plus, raising awareness of psoriasis can help widen understanding and acknowledgment and reduce prejudice.
Do note that this documentary isn’t just aimed at people with psoriasis. It is hoping to cover a wide variety of medical conditions that effect and hinder people’s lives. Howeve…

Guest Post - Diet and Psoriasis

This post is by a fellow Psoriasis Sufferer from somewhere around the Globe. He has written a little something specially to share information about how a diet can effect Psoriasis. Enjoy!  Check out his wonderfully informative blog at: for more posts. :) 

How Diet Affects Psoriasis – Reduce Psoriasis Symptoms Through Food
Many people think that there is little to no correlation between food and psoriasis. That being said, new research has emerged that suggests that this is incorrect. So many people are starting to realize that psoriasis is intrinsically linked to the digestive system and is commonly associated with specific food allergies.  One study  in particular demonstrated that "Fasting periods, low-energy diets and vegetarian diets improved psoriasis symptoms in some studies, and diets rich in n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids from fish oil also showed beneficial effects."  While it isn't necessary to implement all these strategies, it is import…

Tar Shampoo; what I use and their reviews!

So, saw this article in the Daily Mail titled; “Coal tar shampoo was a standby for psoriasis and eczema. So why HAS this trusted skin treatment disappeared?” and I got a bit worried. I really hope that tar shampoos are not going to disappear. They may not completely clear up psoriasis but for me they really help with controlling my scratching and of course they do help with psoriasis symptoms – less flakes, less bleeding, less pain, less itchiness. Plus, personally, I really like the smell of them.
I tend to get really bad psoriasis in my scalp. I think I make it worse as I am really bad when it comes to scratching it. However, the worst part is that I don’t realize I am scratching it until it’s too late and I have already made it worse. I guess it is one of those bad habits you develop over the years and just become oblivious to.
At home I have always used some kind of tar shampoo and I think I always will. Over the years I have enjoyed using them. They stop the scalp from irritati…


So, I know that Bio-oil is most commonly used as a product to help with stretch marks and uneven skin tone, but I thought that if it would/could help with that, then maybe it will help with the roughness of my skin that is caused by psoriasis. I also have un-even skin tone where the areas of psoriasis are redder than my very pale skin. When an area of psoriasis starts to get better, I also end up with a silver tinted skin patch which looks the same as a scar; therefore, I decided to see what bio-oil does to my skin condition and whether or not it helped.
Info: You can buy Bio-Oil in most places. I found this specific one from Costco but I am sure that they are everywhere (Boots/Tesco/Superdrug) or somewhere online.
A description of their product that they have online:
Bio‑Oil is a specialist skincare oil that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. It is also effective for ageing and dehydrated skin. Bio‑Oil has won 167 skincare awards and has become …