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Hello all,

I have been contacted by Betty who is a company that produces “high quality factual television.”
( Let me tell you why :)

What did they contact about?

They are creating a new documentary that is being made and broadcasted in the UK (therefore only people actually within the UK can be a part of the documentary). Their inspiration for this programme is “to raise awareness about psoriasis and other conditions by following people as they try to regain confidence and try to find love.”

This, to me, sounds like a very helpful documentary for those who have psoriasis. It will bring to light the fact that we are not alone and that the problems that we face daily – others also face! Plus, raising awareness of psoriasis can help widen understanding and acknowledgment and reduce prejudice.

Do note that this documentary isn’t just aimed at people with psoriasis. It is hoping to cover a wide variety of medical conditions that effect and hinder people’s lives. However, they have asked me to write about it to help spread the word and hopefully spark an interest in someone out there to take part! Psoriasis isn’t their main focus and every medical condition is equally important and relevant.

A brief description from Betty:

“We are looking for people to take part who have a medical condition or body issue and feel it can make dating and new relationships a bit tricky- It could be anything from vitiligo, to severe acne scarring or drastic hair loss.

The programme will be a heart-warming and uplifting series about relationships and finding love. We are looking for single people who feel that their love lives have been affected by a medical condition and as a result, may not feel entirely comfortable with being open about their medical condition/history when they first meet people.

The series will look at how much we reveal about ourselves to potential partners at the start of a relationship and how it can be trickier for those with medical/physical conditions. Throughout the series, our contributors will be raising awareness about their medical/physical conditions and documenting how these conditions can impact on their daily lives. We want to give a respectful insight into a variety of conditions, to both educate our viewers and at the same inspire others who may be in the same situation.”

When and where?

It should be aired through a Discovery Network in 2015 (specifics on dates and times aren’t well known this early on in production – but roughly around then). Also, I asked whether the website would have any section dedicated to information but they don’t have anything on there yet – but the “website should have some promotional material for the programme in a few months when we [Betty] have a title.”

They are currently trying to spread the word about this documentary and are trying to cast people to be involved in it.

How do I apply to be a part of the documentary?

If you would like to contact Betty about this documentary then email them at and someone from their research team will get in touch with you to discuss details. The search for those to star in the documentary is already in process and will possibly continue from now until May/June time.

A little something from me:

I completely understand how daunting this might be to those who have any medical condition; not just psoriasis. The thought of people you don’t know seeing your most intimate ‘flaws’ can be highly intimidating. However, the only way that awareness can be raised is for those strong enough to lead the way. I would personally like to be considered for this documentary to show a face for others who might be too scared to but I currently live in Thailand and will be for a while so unfortunately can’t contact Betty’s research team to apply.

I hope that some of you out there will have that confidence to contact Betty and star in the documentary. You would be judged by none of us that understand your pain and tribulation. You may even be someone who makes a difference in other people’s reactions when they see psoriasis (or another equally as important medical condition). I hope to see this documentary at some point in 2015 and see someone with psoriasis on there.

Please, always feel welcome to contact me and talk to me about anything. If you are reading this but don’t have psoriasis but do have another medical condition or body issue then I am writing to you as well. I believe that experiences and emotions which I may have or have had are similar to what others experience. I am open to communication from anyone who needs someone to talk to. It is tough thinking that you are alone and all of us have been there at some point at time. If you are considering contacting Betty but are worried or nervous or whatever…then email me for a chat! I seek pleasure in talking to others out there who totally understand.

More about Betty:

If you want to see what TV programmes they have produced then should take you to the right place!

Their other contact information:

Their Twitter account:


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