Guest Post - Diet and Psoriasis

This post is by a fellow Psoriasis Sufferer from somewhere around the Globe.
He has written a little something specially to share information about how a diet can effect Psoriasis. Enjoy! 
Check out his wonderfully informative blog at: for more posts. :) 

How Diet Affects Psoriasis – Reduce Psoriasis Symptoms Through Food

Many people think that there is little to no correlation between food and psoriasis. That being said, new research has emerged that suggests that this is incorrect. So many people are starting to realize that psoriasis is intrinsically linked to the digestive system and is commonly associated with specific food allergies.
 One study  in particular demonstrated that "Fasting periods, low-energy diets and vegetarian diets improved psoriasis symptoms in some studies, and diets rich in n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids from fish oil also showed beneficial effects." 
While it isn't necessary to implement all these strategies, it is important to note that they can make a difference in your psoriasis symptoms and quality of life. 
Let's take a closer glance at these dietary adjustments as well as other related practices that are effective in healing P.

Vegetarian Diet

There is some speculation about one of the potential causes of psoriasis being what is known as “Leaky Gut Syndrome”, where the small intestine (which is the immune system's first line of defense) is aggravated by large food particles and yeasts travelling through the digestive tract. This causes all kinds of problems such as damage to the intestinal wall, allowing foreign bodies to permeate it. This may explain why many psoriasis sufferers are also plagued by IBS symptoms and other digestive issues.
While this theory lacks adequate empirical evidence, it may still serve as an illustration of how psoriasis is affected by certain foods and how allergies to new foods can develop out of it.
A vegetarian diet is helpful because it ends up eliminating both red and white meats which are very difficult to digest and are notorious causes of inflammation. Without these foods in your diet, your digestive system will be given a much needed rest from breaking down tough foods and therefore be allowed to recuperate.
Another beneficial aspect of the vegetarian diet is that it prevents you from eating out often; since meat is a staple at take out joints and restaurants, being a strict vegetarian will force you to find alternative (and healthier) meal options.
Still, there are vegetarian foods that are widely recognized as being psoriasis triggers. Further modifications are needed to eliminate those problem foods.

The Modified Anti-Inflammatory Diet

This avenue is an optimal one for anyone who suffers from a skin condition. While it is technically pescetarian (which breaks the veggie rule), it eliminates several other problem foods that seem to be common allergens. This is a far cry from the commonly embraced anti-inflammatory diet which allows foods contain lactose or gluten. I suggest eliminating both lactose and gluten for at least 4-6 weeks to see if psoriasis symptoms abate. Some psoriasis sufferers find that getting rid of just those two ingredients alone seems enough to start the skin to clear quite noticeably.
Here is the bare bones diet: all of the foods are the simple, wholesome and natural: rice, fish, loads of fresh fruits and veggies, lots of seeds, nuts, olive oil (or hemp oil).
Foods that are off limits: Meat, Bread, Dairy, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Refined Sugar, anything that could cause inflammation.
I starting adhering to this diet exclusively about a year ago. While it may be seem impossible  at first to pass up on so many tasty and prevalent foods, it is totally worth it, if you want to start seeing a serious difference in your skin and you health overall.

Intermittent Fasting

This is another powerful tool when it comes to treating P. It has seen a lot of popularity recently, in popular media and on the web. Some styles of intermittent fasting involve switching on-off between days of normal eating followed by a full day of fasting. In other kinds, instead of abstaining entirely, you switch to one meal a day and skip the others. Another variation called the 5:2 diet suggests that you stick to an average diet 5 days out of the week and select the remaining 2 days to perform two eighteen hour fasts respectively.
Whatever method you end up trying (if you try it at all), keep in mind that balance is essential. Eating too little can result in more harm than good.
For more info on the subject, watch this fascinating documentary.
I also suggest that you consult a doctor or healthcare expert before starting any new diet or dietary restriction method.

In Closing

These guidelines are meant to help you achieve your goals in psoriasis reduction. They are anything but consistent. If changing your food intake hasn't worked for you, don't feel discouraged. Psoriasis is hard to manage and doesn't always react to positive lifestyle changes immediately. Don't give up hope.
It's also vital that you be comfortable with yourself, just as you are, in the present moment. Don't wait for your psoriasis to begin going away before you take the time to love yourself and others.
I wish everyone peace and clear skin.
Matthew Bridge is a musician, professional blogger, psychology major and fellow psoriasis sufferer. He operates as a comprehensive source for natural and effective psoriasis treatments and remedies, as well as coping methods and psychological strategies for dealing with the disease. 


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