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Remove that makeup!!

To all makeup wearers out there, I came across this article the other day; “What sleeping in your makeup does to your skin” and had to take a look. I knew that sleeping in your makeup was bad, well I knew and know that wearing makeup isn’t exactly great for your skin anyway but you wear makeup because you aren’t happy with your skin so it’s one of those double ended swords situations! The results from this article are pretty interesting. I often think “oh I really can’t be bothered to take it off tonight, it’ll be okay I’ll wash it off in the morning” and wake up and my face feels horrible and tight and immediately regret sleeping in my makeup! Yet, still do sometimes even though I know it’s not going to do my skin and favours. I’ve got a lot better recently and I’m glad having now read this article!! Basically, a woman slept in makeup for a month and wasn’t allowed to use makeup remover or anything to assist the removal of her makeup. However, she washed her face in the shower …