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Salcura Skincare - Product Review

Okay, so to get the ball rolling I thought I would have a look around and see what is out there at the moment and what brands are being discussed about via the internet on other psoriasis sites.
I found that Salcura Skin Care are being talked about in a few places, so I thought I’d give their site a look over and saw that they were doing a “free trial” on some of their products. So hey, seeing as I'm not exactly bursting at the seams with cash, I thought I’d pay the £2 p&p and give their products ago.
Info: Website:
(prices are on the website – there are different prices for different ml)
The Review: Okay, so in the free trial there was a few moisturising packets and two of their sprays; -DermaSpray Natural Skin Nourishment: Intensive -DermaSpray Natural Skin Nourishment: Gentle -Salcura Zeoderm Moisturiser
After reading the instructions on how to use the spray products I was a bit hesitant at using them. It says “select an area of affected skin …

Aveeno Moisturising Creamy Oil Review

Info: Stocked in: Boots, Superdrug, Lloyds Pharmacy, Pharmacy 2U and Ocado (this may alter dependent on where you are from)
Price: £7.15
The Review: Alongside the bath and shower oil I thought I would buy a matching moisturiser that I can put on after the shower.
I don’t this to my face often as it is a bit oily and never boded well with needing to put make-up on afterwards but if I have days where I am not going out I will put it on my face and give it longer to absorb. They do have products which are designed for your face but I didn’t purchase any of them therefore cannot review them.
Again, this product like its pair smells amazing and the scent really lingers throughout the day. However it is not that brilliant at suppressing psoriasis patches. It does leave un-affected areas of the skin smooth and therefore does do what it is meant for. Sadly it is another product which is not a remedy for psoriasis!
If you do not have extensive patches and just wi…