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Epaderm Ointment; Product Review

Hey Psquad,

It's cold in England at the moment (shock😂), even my family members with "normal" skin are finding that theirs is dry. I've stuck to the same products recently, and am in need of a switch up...

The beautiful people at HelloSkin contacted me, and asked if I would test some psoriasis products for them. I chose the Epaderm Ointment as I have previously used the Epaderm Cream; with great results! 

I personally feel that ointments are better than moisturisers when it comes to treating my psoriasis. Normally, if my skin is tolerable, I don't use them as much because of their greasy-ness. When my skin flares up badly, I will use an ointment...always. I was drawn to this ointment because of the different ways you can use it...which i have put below...

So where is my Psoriasis bad right now?! Well I used this awesome form that I found on twitter, from Psoriasis Awareness, to show you guys where I am suffering at the moment and where I will be using the ointment: