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My South Africa Story

Hey Psquad,It's pretty chilly in England 24/7. Even our summer is winteresque to most. I recently went to South Africa for a friend's wedding. Now, South Africa is hotter than England, and I didn't want to wear neck to ankle clothing. I wore shorts or dresses a lot of the time (it was pretty windy whilst I was there so wore leggings a fair amount too). The dresses were 3/4sleeves so my arm pso wasn't on show. With the shorts I'd wear a top/lightweight cardi combo, or a 3/4 sleeve....or even a jumper if it was cold in the eve. Mostly people saw the pso on my legs, but if I was soaking in the sun (a great way to help pso calm down) I'd just have a vest top on.My friends knew my skin condition story, but their families and friends didn't. I had gotten pretty used to not being ask pso questions as it's never really on show here. So when I wore shorts/dresses around others who didn't 'know' me and they saw my could see the glances, and …