Remove that makeup!!

To all makeup wearers out there,
I came across this article the other day; “What sleeping in your makeup does to your skin” and had to take a look.
I knew that sleeping in your makeup was bad, well I knew and know that wearing makeup isn’t exactly great for your skin anyway but you wear makeup because you aren’t happy with your skin so it’s one of those double ended swords situations!
The results from this article are pretty interesting. I often think “oh I really can’t be bothered to take it off tonight, it’ll be okay I’ll wash it off in the morning” and wake up and my face feels horrible and tight and immediately regret sleeping in my makeup! Yet, still do sometimes even though I know it’s not going to do my skin and favours.
I’ve got a lot better recently and I’m glad having now read this article!!
Basically, a woman slept in makeup for a month and wasn’t allowed to use makeup remover or anything to assist the removal of her makeup. However, she washed her face in the shower daily, as that is pretty normal.
The comment that caught my eye was inspection of my skin in a magnifying mirror revealed the surface had become flaky and lumpy, a bit like a badly plastered wallwhich I often have due to my psoriasis anyway. If someone sleeping in makeup has this side effect then it is clear that it will do no favours to those who have psoriasis.
Another comment made under the analysis section called “painfully parched” was about the way in which oxygen accessing the skin is stopped. It mentions that skipping a moisturising routine and not removing makeup “resulted in seriously parched skin” and a direct quote from the skin doctor that she saw read “not only is the top layer of skin dry…but a layer of make-up will also prevent normal skin shedding, slowing down the usual renewal process, resulting in uneven and dull textured skin.” This suggests that anyone with psoriasis can be seriously affected by not taking off their makeup at night time AND by not having a daily moisturising routine to stick to.
Whilst the main point of that article was to show how wearing makeup ages your skin etc…it’s pretty relevant to those of us who suffer from psoriasis. It highlights how important it is for us to nurture our skin if someone who doesn’t have psoriasis can find their skin to become dry and flaky.
I know for sure that I will be finding those extra 5mins to take off my makeup and will try to convince myself that it won’t be okay in the morning and that I will regret the decision to just go to sleep.
If taking my makeup off all the time instead of skipping a few nights a week/month has the slightest chance of improving my psoriasis (which I suffer from quite badly on my face) then I am all for it!
Get removing that makeup and hopefully your skin will improve J


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