Psoriasis and the Psun

I have read a comment from someone asking about psoriasis and the weather. So, I have looked into it and with my own experience this is what I know and believe….

My summary:
Winter = bad
Dry climate = bad
Intense winds = bad
Sun exposure (within common sense of about 30mins max a day and of course with sun block on) = good
Moist climate = good
To my knowledge those are the some of the main factors which can affect psoriasis suffers.

My personal opinion:
I was born and grew up in England where it is pretty much cold all the time. Except for this freak year of course where it has been abnormally hot. My psoriasis was the worst when I was in my home country. The artic winds and cold dry temperatures really made my skin worse. I used to dread winter time as of course that would be the worst time for me. I was in moisturiser overload and at the height of my OCD with controlling my psoriasis I was steroid ointment crazy. (A “treatment” I have now completely stopped and fully despise)

However, I currently live in Thailand where it is warm, sunny and humid. These are all huge ticks for me. My skin is nourished by the moist climate; it rarely is noticeably dry throughout the day anymore. Whilst I don’t bask in the sun all day, when I travel to and from work it is unavoidable, so my skin gets a decent amount of natural UVA rays a day which again is a good thing.

If I were to be out and about in the sun over the weekend and my skin is exposed then I of course use sun block. At least a factor 30 at all times. I have rarely ever gone below a factor 30 because I know my skin is super sensitive and I could literally burn in the shade if I stood there long enough. I also excessively moisturise after being in the sun for a long period of time. The last thing I want is for my skin to become dry as it is gasping for moisture. In my opinion – you must must must moisturise after being in the sun. You drink water when you are hot and dehydrated; your skin needs the same. Dehydrated skin will just lead to more problems.

Also, whilst the sun is one of the best 100% natural helper of psoriasis, if you are silly and become sunburnt you will find that your skin gets worse. Abrasions to the skin, cuts, scratches, burns etc…can all possibly lead to more areas of psoriasis forming plus irritating areas that are already there. I don’t know why, for me it just does. So if you live in a sunny climate and have psoriasis but don’t use sunblock or moisturise after being in the sun then maybe you should try and see if it improves your condition.

I only say this from experience. I holidayed in Mexico about two years ago and was an idiot. I was sick of my psoriasis and wanted to get as much sun as possible, didn’t top up the sun block enough and burnt all over my legs. When I got home (to England) my legs flared up with psoriasis (where I have only had it minimally before) and I paid the price for my stupidity. It has taken me until now, and even still there are patches, for my psoriasis to decline. I fully regret my decision and I wish I could tell past me to not be foolish and to understand there aren’t any short cuts to getting rid of your psoriasis. 

I know that I partly moved from England to a hotter place to just be helped from suffering for a while. When I have been on holiday (not the Mexico incident of course) and noticed the difference the sun and climate has made to my skin there is nothing more depressing than slowly watching it revert back to its old self. 

In no way is my psoriasis cured because I moved and in no way am I suggesting that the answer is to all move to a hotter climate. What I am trying to say is that I personally believe a warmer and humid climate is beneficial to psoriasis suffers. Of course you must maintain your condition by rigorously moisturising and using products that work for you alongside the climate you live in. People with psoriasis are born and live everywhere, it isn’t a condition that segregates or penalises people dependant on where they are born. It affects us all everywhere and the best thing to do for yourself is not become bullied by it. Find what works for you and control it.

I grasped what was best for me and what I needed to do to control my psoriasis in my toughest climate so far; England! Whilst my psoriasis was not gone it was a lot better once I knew how to tame it. Since moving the weather has helped me instead of hinder me but I don’t rely on the weather for a cure. It just happens at this point in my life it is aiding my condition rather than hindering it. I don’t know where I will end up in my life but I’m sure I will face other weather challenges but the core of my psoriasis control is down to my routines and my experience of what works best for me.

Enjoy the sun when you can but always, and I must stress always, wear sun block. If not for your psoriasis then for the fact that no one is immune from skin cancer. Moisturise afterwards and rehydrate your skin from outside and inside. Be happy with where you are and where you call home. The key to being comfortable in your own skin lies with you understanding it and finding out what works and what doesn’t work for your psoriasis. 


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  2. Dear Carol,
    I have tried Emu oil in the past but never stuck to a routine with it as I found that it didn't do a lot for me that the time.
    It maybe something I should give another go and see if it makes a difference.
    Thank you for your comment.

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