Lancôme Hydra Zen Moisturiser.

I have tried a lot of moisturisers over the years and I don’t normally pick one thinking “oh this will make my psoriasis better” because I know that it is hit and miss. Something that works amazingly well for one person might make no difference to another.

Along the way I have had an “expensive” favourite though. It was a little tub of moisturiser I got free in a shopping centre and didn’t see the harm in giving it ago.

Can buy in most places that stock Lancôme; there a different prices for different sizes. There are also day crèmes and night crèmes. I just used the one I was given at night and in the morning.

Price: £39 (sadly!)

The Review:
It made such a huge difference to the psoriasis on my face (I only used it on my face as it was a miniscule pot). I used to put it on before I went to sleep at night and I would wake up feeling fresh face. Not the normal tight-skinned feeling you get if you use a rubbish moisturiser that doesn’t really work too well. In the morning after a shower I would apply the moisturiser again to my face and get on with the day. 

It says in the description that it is meant to “sooth sensitive skin” and it really did for me. It didn’t just improve my psoriasis but it softened the rest of my skin as well. It was nice to feel an even skin tone over your face opposed to lumps and bumps from the psoriasis. It generally reduced the roughness of the psoriasis and my skin was soft to the touch.

The day that I scraped the last of it out of the pot was a sad day!! I often thought about replacing it but at the time I was a university student and couldn’t afford such an expensive moisturiser.

If you aren’t that worried about cost then I would highly recommend you get yourself a tub (or see if they are giving out samples of it) and see if it makes a difference to the psoriasis on your face. I know for me, I will aim to be able to afford this moisturiser if my mission to find another cheaper one fails.

The results:
Price: 4/10 – It is incredibly expensive! Well, for me anyway. It is a “designer” brand however so will have a steep price tag attached to it.

Smell: 9/10 – It just has a normal smell. It isn’t plasticy or strongly medical like some psoriasis crèmes or ointments. It lost out on one point as it doesn’t smell like anything amazing either. I just like products that don’t smell like a hospital.  

Texture: 10/10 – Wonderful. Soft, rich and not bitty or rough to touch; stayed this way and didn’t dry out.

Packaging: 6/10 – Nothing special. However, also doesn’t indicate a special type of moisturiser which I like. It is just a white tub with a pink lid. Bit bland…some might argue less is more but it is boring. 

Time consumption: 8/10 – At night, just put it on and let it do its own thing. Waiting for it to dry before putting on make-up took a bit longer. Not long at all mind, not compared to a lot of other moisturisers. 

Overall result: 9/10 – Love this moisturiser. For anyone who can afford to maintain having it for their face or body then do!! I can’t say you won’t regret it because your skin is different to mine but I know I sure wouldn’t regret using it long term. It makes your skin feel silky smooth, doesn’t have a long dry time and isn’t a faffy moisturiser.

Give it a go. Even if you don’t have psoriasis and want a really decent moisturise – go for it J

Happy moisturising.


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