So, whats next?


So my main goal of this blog was to share with other people who have psoriasis the treatments or store bought products that work well for me. I haven't blogged that much, or in fact at all, recently but i have been composing the reviews of the products that i have tried! 

I have decided to just basically say my thoughts on them and then review them on the criteria on a scale up to 10; 

Price - just to say whether i think that the price is worth the product

Smell - sometimes psoriasis products don't have a very nice smell to them which is off putting

Texture - just to describe what the product is actually like and whether it is pleasant to use

Packaging - sometimes its not nice to have products which look abnormal and have people question you on what exactly it is for when you really don't want to have to discuss it, therefore this section is for whether they are 'normal' looking

Time consumption - some products you have to leave on your skin or scalp for a longer period of time, so basically this section is to describe whether the products will fit well for those people who may have a busier life style and not the time to spend time on products 

Overall Result - if it is worth buying due to the above factors 

If anyone has any criteria that they would want to be added then let me know and i am happy to take any suggestions or improvements :) 


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