Psoriasis and Diabetes?!

I was not really aware that psoriasis can 'increase' your chances of diabetes and heart attacks/strokes, but apparently it can! 

Whilst skimming the internet i came across this webpage "Psoriasis linked to Diabetes" and thought that i had better give it a read. It says that statistics show people with psoriasis can be 56% more likely to develop diabetes than those without it (and that varies on the severity of your psoriasis). I don't think that it is meant to imply that if you have psoriasis you will definitely get diabetes but it just implies that there is a connection between the two and advises people who psoriasis to get checked annually. 

I don't think that I have recently been checked for diabetes - so i think i might make an appointment just to be sure! Can't hurt can it. If you are like me and unaware that a connection between the two even existed, I'd suggest getting yourself booked in for a check up as its better to be safe than sorry!! 

Hope you all make an appointment just to make sure you are free of any symptoms. 


  1. Thank you for all the info and your blog. My wife showed my your blog and I have been reading it ever since. Can the best Psoriasis treatments lower your chances of having diabetes or no?

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  3. Psoriasis is tied to having a higher chance of having a heart disease and increased risk of diabetes. Regular check of diabetes is important for the treatment of psoriasis.

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