UVB Treatment

This treatment basically involved standing in an up-right sun bed and being subjected to UVB rays for a period of time which is increased as the sessions go on. The period of time which you start at is depicted from the test done to acquire what your skins sensitivity is. This is often done by strip placed onto your forearm that contains circles with different light intensities; they're held onto the skin and then left to develop over a day or so. The one which doesn’t leave a red mark on your skin is then calculated (somehow) to decide how long you start off inside the “sun bed”.

When I was still at secondary school, in years 10, 11 and 12 I used to have UVB treatment. Can’t say that I was ever really a fan of it, but in the winter when my skin was worse due to the cold weather, I used to want to go.

It was a lot of hassle, for not a lot of benefit. I used to have to go 3 times a week and the sessions I used to start with (as I have sensitive, pale skin) used to be about 5 seconds. Seriously. Eventually they would build up, but I never got close to being in there for a long period of time. My skin used to go red and itchy, sometimes sore as well. I used to then to into school being self conscious of my now red skin. It seemed like I just replaced one thing with another and was always paranoid that people were wondering “why is she so red, it’s not sunny”!!

I guess that having the redder skin was good, as it made me want to moisturise a lot more to try and take away the redness, like you do if you get sun-burnt on holiday, so in turn this would have helped my psoriasis anyway. BUT the relapse rate of UVB treatment, for me, was always quick and within a few weeks I was back to normal, and in some instances new patches would decide to make an unwanted appearance. Eventually I realised that whilst it was a quick fix in the months where it is often the worst, it was not worth the hassle and depression when the psoriasis returned.

Also, whilst the treatment was good for my body, it never ever seemed to tackle the psoriasis on my scalp, which is one of the areas that I am most conscious of.

Since stopping UVB treatment, I have not been tempted to use sun beds. I don’t really view them as an alternative and the risks for me are too substantial. I would not be impressed with myself if I worked my entire life to stop my psoriasis, to then be faced with the reality of having skin cancer. Plus, if I know from having UVB treatment that sometimes when you stop more patches of psoriasis appear so I’d hate to have ‘natural’ skin from sun beds to then a week later have my psoriasis come back with a vengeance. The leather look that you skin develops with too much exposure is not something that I want later in life either, I would rather find a ointment or crème that works well and have smooth, natural skin.

Of course on holiday to sunny places - as the sun is amazing for psoriasis - you should soak it up as much as possible. Even in England when the sun blesses us with its rare presence get out there and get in it. Just remember to moisturise during and afterwards, as to be honest, with psoriasis there really isn't a possibility to over moisturise your skin (I don’t think).

Again, this is just me so if you have had UVB treatment and it has worked for you, I would love for you to let me and anyone reading know! 


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