The Natural Approach

I had a reply today from someone who also has psoriasis on one of my blog entries. This is exciting as when people comment back to me and tell me about their experiences it really encourages me too keep putting this blog up!! 

He said that nearly two years ago he stopped using steroid creams and went for natural remedies for psoriasis and through doing this he has seen great improvement and may even be clear from psoriasis by Christmas. 
His wonderful advice was to take: 
3x Cod Liver Oil Capsules and
3x Evening Primrose Capsules a day.

Take one of each with meals and drink plenty of water. He also advises to use aqueous cream on the affected areas. Even though he said it took about a month to see the first sign of improvements, it was well worth it as doing it this way has changed his life! 

If this helps internally, even though it may be a life-long commitment to make, it is surely worth ago! I know that I will be stocking up on these and seeing if it makes any difference to my skin.

Let me know what you think :D 

P.S. Would like to just say a quick thank you to the man who inspired this entry and I genuinely hope that your psoriasis is gone by Christmas and you can start the new year with new skin!! 


  1. Hi Kara i have nominated myself as a case study, so everyone can see my results.I have around 15 areas which are in remission.Thanks for your kind words.

  2. That's brilliant! Did you sign up to be a case study with the British Skin Foundation?!
    You are more than Welcome Paul.


    Hope this link works? A friend of mine with far worse p than me

    Yes Kara BSF I want to make everyone aware of the benefits and until
    others try for themselves we will never know the full affects this can have.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Can't see from that link.

    That's good news then!! I will do :)

  5. Hi Kara i want you to see some photographs from me.I will be putting some on facebook tonight as i want for you to see psoriasis reversed.


  7. Great post. I quit steroid creams a year ago for my eczema and am almost eczema free! is a site all about steroid cream addiction. Most of the people on there have eczema, but some have psoriasis too. I believe that quitting steroids can omly help.

    I also take starflower oil, which is similar to epo.


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