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a check list of psoriasis tips, psoriasis top tipsWhen you don’t have to put on make-up, don’t! Let your skin breath as much as possible.

This is especially important if you have psoriasis on your face (like me). 

When you are not going anywhere, let your hair dry naturally, blow drying your hair will dry out your scalp more.

When brushing your hair try not to press to hard into the scalp as it will loosen the flakes of skin, also, where possible avoid going from your roots where your parting is, flakes are easily hidden beneath hair, but when it comes to your parting they are really visible.

Always carry around some form of moisturiser in your bag so when you feel conscious of the flakes on your skin, moisturise.

Avoid itching and scratching as much as possible. It is literally a testimony to your will power sometimes, but the less you scratch the less the need to scratch spreads. Once you've itched in once place, it spreads like wild-fire. Just distract yourself and the need goes away.

If you itch and scratch, you have the new issue of patches bleeding and forming scabs on the skin, in some cases a massive scab is more noticeable than a red/white looking patch. So by stopping itching you won’t that issue.

Abuse the natural sunlight and get out in it as much as possible. Make sure you moisturise before you do (obviously use sun block and don’t get sunburnt) as the sun reflects off of shiny skin which is not what you want to happen, you want the skin to absorb the sun and the vitamin D it provides.

You can seriously never moisturise enough, moisturise after you get out of the shower and before you go to bed at least.

When you know you don’t have to do anything the next day, treat your scalp. Even if it takes a few washes to get the treatment out the next day it doesn’t matter as you don’t have to see anyone.

Try not to have really hot showers, the cooler the water the more of a sooth affect it will have on your skin.

When you dry your skin make sure you pat your skin dry and avoid rubbing your skin. This will aggravate your psoriasis less. Always moisturise after drying as well.

Avoid having the heating cranked up in your house; it dries out your skin. If you get cold in the winter just put extra layers on

(This one might just be me) Air-conditioning reeks havoc on my skin, if people put it on in the car I face the vents away from me and hate having it on when on holiday. Avoid it as much as possible by using the fan on holiday instead of air-con, or if the heat and humidity is unbearable, moisturise...a LOT!

NEVER think that you are alone and are the only one who feels upset by having psoriasis. Even if you don’t have friends or family who know how you feel, people do and the more you find those people the happier you will be. 

If you would like to add any tips that you rely on, please do :D 


  1. Another tip - don't give up! Keep trying different things psoriasis is different for different people.


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