Aveeno Cream; Product Review

Hey Psquad, So one of the latest products that I have been using is the Aveeno Cream with Colloidal Oatmeal. It is for dry and sensitive skin (two words that scream the definition of psoriasis). It does say on the bottle "suitable for adults and babies from 3 months who may be prone to eczema" Helloskin summarise the product ; This non-greasy cream from Aveeno , formulated with colloidal oatmeal, helps prevent water loss from your skin by rebuilding the skin’s natural barrier. Aveeno Moisturising Cream has a fast absorption time that makes it convenient for use during the day. Aveeno Cream helps soothe and hydrate dry skin and is suitable for every part of the body. It contains refined oatmeal that is proven to rebuild the natural skin barrier and is free from parabens. The active colloidal oatmeal in Aveeno Moisturising Cream acts as a moisturiser for dry and sensitive skin with effect for 24 hours. My routine ; Usually for these type of cream I wi

Epaderm Ointment; Product Review

Hey Psquad, It's cold in England at the moment ( shock 😂), even my family members with "normal" skin are finding that theirs is dry. I've stuck to the same products recently, and am in need of a switch up... The beautiful people at HelloSkin contacted me, and asked if I would test some psoriasis products for them. I chose the Epaderm Ointment as I have previously used the Epaderm Cream; with great results!  I personally feel that ointments are better than moisturisers when it comes to treating my psoriasis. Normally, if my skin is tolerable, I don't use them as much because of their greasy-ness. When my skin flares up badly, I will use an ointment...always. I was drawn to this ointment because of the different ways you can use it...which i have put below... So where is my Psoriasis bad right now?! Well I used this awesome form  that I found on twitter, from Psoriasis Awareness, to show you guys where I am suffering at the moment and where I will

Review; Sanex AtopiCare Moisturiser

Hey Psquad,  How is everyone?! The latest product that I have tried is: Sanex AtopiCare: I became interested in trying this product when I saw it on the TV...I was like 'oooooo...I wonder how that'll work with my psoriasis', and off I marched to the shop to buy some.  I currently use Sanex Dermo Hypo-Allergenic as my body wash, so thought it'd be a good addition of product for me to try! Whilst I use the body wash...I really wasn't aware of the skin moisturising range that they did. I was torn between two moisturisers and stood in the shop for a good 10mins debating which one I was going to actually use. In the end this product won because; "For extra dry, reactive, even atopic skin. Control skin hypersensitivity. Fights severe dryness. Soothes itchiness" < ticks quite a lot of boxes for what I want in a moisturiser.  Product Info; I bought my bottles from Wilkinson, they're usually £6.00 per 400ml bottle but I bought

My South Africa Story

Hey Psquad, It's pretty chilly in England 24/7. Even our summer is winteresque to most. I recently went to South Africa for a friend's wedding. Now, South Africa is hotter than England, and I didn't want to wear neck to ankle clothing. I wore shorts or dresses a lot of the time (it was pretty windy whilst I was there so wore leggings a fair amount too). The dresses were 3/4sleeves so my arm pso wasn't on show. With the shorts I'd wear a top/lightweight cardi combo, or a 3/4 sleeve....or even a jumper if it was cold in the eve. Mostly people saw the pso on my legs, but if I was soaking in the sun (a great way to help pso calm down) I'd just have a vest top on. My friends knew my skin condition story, but their families and friends didn't. I had gotten pretty used to not being ask pso questions as it's never really on show here. So when I wore shorts/dresses around others who didn't 'know' me and they saw my could see the glances, a

Share my Psecret

I don’t know how many of you feel like me...but I often wonder if what I think about having a skin condition or wonder if what I experience with a skin condition is completely odd and bizarre. I don’t personally know anyone else who has psoriasis; sometimes this makes me feel like no one understands my thoughts or like I can’t express myself and people will understand. It would really help me to know that on a day to day basis that others think the same, feel the same,  experience the same, hear the same, are asked the same or something the same as me. So....I introduce the new project of mine which is called “Share my Psecret” where I hope people will send me skin condition related comments/experiences and most importantly thoughts. It doesn’t need to be psoriasis related, any skin condition secrets are more than welcome. It can be completely anonymous or you can share your first name and age. I will create posters of the secrets to share via social media for people to read. If yo

Turmeric Cream Review

First review of 2016 :) Info : So after trying out the turmeric cream for a few weeks, I have come to LOVE IT.  I tried one from the brand called "Passport to Organics". This is a cream that is meant for your face and neck so please note that I only used it on my face and neck...not over my whole body. There was a very herby smell to the cream which is not like any other product that I have tried before. I used only the turmeric cream for about 3-4 weeks (well, I used up the whole tube) and instantly loved the results. I would put the cream on about twice in the morning before I did my makeup and then about twice at night before I was going to go to sleep. It dried very fast so I didn’t need to worry about my face being greasy and not being able to put my makeup on in the morning before I left the house. I saw that straight away the redness of my psoriasis patches was decreased and the flakiness of the skin was gone. I love when a cream can so this as those are two of th

Turmeric Tea; first attempt!

After reading about how good turmeric is for you – I decided to give marking a tea a go. I looked up some recipes on line and made my own up from what I had read. A lot of the recipes included ginger and I really don’t like ginger – they included some other ingredients that I also don’t like. So; below is my concoction of turmeric tea… Ingredients: 2 teaspoons of turmeric 1teaspoon cinnamon Pinch of salt Peppercorns 1 lemon Agave (instead of honey – but honey would work) Method: Started off filling up two mugs with water (to know the right amount) and put it into a saucepan – brought the water to a boil Added in the turmeric, cinnamon, peppercorns and salt Stirred it all in and let it boil (for 10-15mins) Put the juice from 1 lemon into a mixing jug and added in 1 tablespoon of agave Once the tea had boiled for the 10-15mins I added it into the mixing jug and gave it a good stir. Put the tea into a mug and tried my fi