British Skin Foundation

So after posting a blog on Health Unlocked: British Skin Foundation yesterday they got back to my post and asked me to become a case study for them.

This is exactly the kind of thing that I want to get involved in. It would be amazing to talk to others who also suffer from psoriasis!! So i sent off the form and will just have to wait and see what they say back to me :D

If anyone else out there would like to be a case study and give themselves a voice the link to the form is:

I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t nervous, I am pretty nervous talking to anyone about the condition as I never really have before. I really don’t want to be trapped inside a room of self-conscious anymore and think that this would be a brilliant start to break out!!

Fingers Crossed for their reply


  1. Hey Kara,
    I suffer from psoriasis too, so i know exactly what you mean. Although my Dad also has the condition,passing it down to me, i do have someone to talk to, however it is nice to know that there are other young girls who suffer from psoriasis like me who start great blogs like this. I developed psoriasis when i was 2 and since then it hasn't gone away atall and i'm now 14. I think and it has effected my life quite a lot, even doing simple normal things like getting my arms and legs out in the summer for a tan is impossible for me to do which leads to going out with my friends in cardigans and leggings when everyone is wearing shorts and vests. It can also be quite frustrating too as there are constantly people commenting with things like "ew what is that?" or "omg i'm not coming near you is 'that' contagious'?" which is unbelievebly embarrassing and upsetting I even sometimes find myself crying myself to sleep due to how much psoriasis effects my life, especially as a teenage girl. I'm soooo glad you started this blog, and I really do think you have so much courage doing this, it reassures me so much and i'm sure it reassures many other sufferers aswell,amazing..

    Thankyou, Alysia x

  2. I understand the way you feel, as i have also lived my teenage years with it and now i am going into my twenties. But believe me, you do come to terms with it and you will learn to accept it as a part of you but you don't have to let it rule your life! Take action against it and get yourself into a routine.
    I dress the same even now, but the way you dress is the way that makes you comfortable and your friends will eventually understand that and that is not something that you should change for anyone. Even in the summer i refuse to wear short sleeves but there are plenty of thin material tops out there which you can wear and feel comfortable in.
    The best thing that you can do when people make comments is to explain it to them, if they are ignorant and say nasty things, rise above it and know that at the end of the day you do not have to explain yourself to someone and the way you are may not have been what you would have chosen but you can overcome it and tame psoriasis at least
    Please don't ever feel like you are alone, i know you have your Dad, but if you want to talk to another girl about it, you honestly can e-mail or post on the blog any time.
    I am glad that i started it too, as i get to find people like yourself and hopefully help build up your courage!! Believe me it took a long time on my own to get here and even needed many shoves from my wonderful sister to start this site, but i am here now and wanting to help all the other suffers :).
    Im so glad that you left me a post.

    You are Welcome Alysia,
    Keep in contact x

  3. This blog is excellent, Kara. It's really inspiring for other young people suffering with skin conditions to see how you are dealing with your problems head on. I'm sure everyone who reads this blog will have more courage to do the same! Keep it up!


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