Who is your Hero?! 2014 Health Hero Awards

I received an email asking me to spread the word about a very beautiful concept. 

It is called: 2014 Health Hero Awards.

This award aims to highlight those special people who put themselves second and someone else first. As the email stated “the heroes of healthcare”. I think that it is only available to residents in the UK. 

There are so many people out there who go above and beyond to ensure that someone knows they are loved at a time that they need it most. This award goes to show that special someone that their selfless act meant more to you than they probably know.

My Hero:
I fell ill and was hospitalized when I was about 14. I remember my Mother would not leave my side – even when I had to go into the operating room she refused to leave until I was unconscious and even then I was told she kept talking to me. My entire family supported me through the situation but her especially. She cried with me and at times for me. She stayed awake with me. She talked to me and kept me calm. She asked questions for me. She made me comfortable. She was so close to me the entire time I didn’t feel alone or worried. When I was in pain she sorted it out, when I was thirsty she poured me a drink, when I was hungry she fed me. To be honest, I don’t remember being that worried when I was in hospital – at all. I knew that she was there and that she would take care of me. I didn’t need to be worried, my mother was there and she was my rock. She had the strength for both of us and made sure that I was as happy as I could be considering the circumstances. I must mention my sister and father though – they were there for me and cared for me also, throughout (sadly all three of them couldn’t stay in the hospital no matter how hard they tried to!) and afterwards when I need to go into London for check-ups.

I love them unconditionally and will forever be grateful for putting themselves aside and taking care of me when I really needed them. All three of them each in their own unique way made me feel safe. 

Who are they meant to be?
Your special person doesn’t need to be a family member. It could be someone that you kindled a relationship with going through a tough time. Someone who might share a similar story as you so knows your troubles and tribulations. It could be a family doctor who has taken care of your health from when you were born up until now. Maybe even someone who hasn’t taken care of you personally, but has taken care of a relative or friend.

There are so many people out there who strive to make others suffering bearable. They do it completely selflessly and that in itself is honourable.

To nominate your Health Hero then go to www.boots.com/healthheroes OR go into a Boots UK store and pick up a leaflet.

Nominations close on the 20th May 2014. So you need to hustle and get your nominations in.

Now onto the fun stuff! This is a direct comment from the email I received:
What is really exciting is that each of the five Health Hero finalists will receive an all-expenses paid VIP trip to in London, staying at a top hotel, with tickets to Health Hero Awards Gala Dinner. The Health Hero that’s made the biggest difference to someone’s life will be announced at the celebrity gala dinner and they’ll receive a well-deserved family holiday up to the value of £5,000

Please nominate your Hero. Heroes don’t do good to be recognized or given a medal, they do it because of the goodness in their heart and to put a smile on someone else’s face. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make sure they know just how amazing they are AND to tell the entire world that they are absolutely wonderful!! 


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